Subscription configuration

With JungleMail, it is easy for your recipients to subscribe or unsubscribe from certain topics. In this tutorial, you will get a basic understanding of the subscription functionality.

How subscription works

In order for recipients to be able to change their subscription status, you need to configure subscription functionality first. Then you can add the Manage Subscription link in the newsletter. When a subscriber clicks on the link, he is redirected to the page containing the JungleMail Subscription Web Part. Here, he can select the topics he's interested in and update his subscription status.

By the same principle, when you add the Unsubscribe link in your newsletter, recipients will be able to unsubscribe.

Note that you can fully customize the appearance of the forms displayed above. See Customising subscription form.

When a user subscribes by selecting topics of interest, a new item in the JungleMail Subscribers list is created, containing the subscription information. If the user unsubscribes, the item in the Unsubscribed column is set to Yes.

Topics of interest are displayed in the JungleMail Subscription Web Part once you create them, and are stored in the JungleMail Topics list. This list is located in the main site collection (the one that you use to send emails from).

Subscription configuration steps

For JungleMail to manage subscriptions properly, you will need to place JungleMail Subscription Web Part on an external dedicated SharePoint site collection. Please note that the actual subscription-related data is stored in your main (internal) site collection, which is not publicly available.

To configure subscription management in JungleMail, take the following steps:

1. Create an external site collection with anonymous access

2. Create an account for tracking and subscription

3. Configure subscription functionality

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