Understanding subscription topics

JungleMail offers an easy way to manage subscription topics and then filter recipients by the topic. In this tutorial, you will learn how to do this.

In the JungleMail Topics list you can manage all the topics your recipients can subscribe to. 

JungleMail Subscription Web Part will include all of the topics present in this list:


In the image below, there are 3 users subscribed to the Travel topic:

Later you may want to add the Brazil subtopic under the Travel category. You can then filter your subscribers by the subtopic.

JungleMail will show you all recipients subscribed to Travel. All recipients who subscribe to this topic will automatically be included when you filter your newsletters by sub-topics until you modify your subscription. 

It is different when you create a new topic, for example, Music, and filter your subscriber list by that topic. It could happen that this will turn up 0 recipients to send emails to.

Note: if a subscriber doesn't have any topics selected (i.e., Topics field in JungleMail Subscribers list is empty), the subscriber will not be excluded by filters and will receive all emails.

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