Adding subscription links

In JungleMail, you can easily add the Manage Subscription or Unsubscribe link to the email body. In this tutorial, you will learn how to do this.

Note: before proceeding, you must have enabled subscription management functionality in JungleMail.

For Drag & Drop templates

1. To start, run JungleMail and open an existing email template, or start by creating a new one.

2. Select the Text Block you want to edit.

3. In the Text Editor, place your mouse cursor where you want to put the link.

4. Click the  {Columns & Links} button:

5. In the Unsubscribe Link tab, choose the link type (Manage subscription or Unsubscribe). The link text will appear automatically, but if needed you can change it. Click Insert to place a link of your choice in the desired place:

Your link is placed.

This link will now be customized for every recipient that JungleMail sends an email to.

For Rich Text templates

For Rich text templates, you will find the  Subscription Link button in the Rich text Editor's ribbon. Hover your mouse cursor over the spot where you want to insert the link and click Subscription Link:

Select either  Manage subscription or Unsubscribe, modify your text if necessary and click OK

This link will be customized for every recipient that JungleMail sends an email to.

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