Section Visibility

JungleMail can be configured to automatically only show a section if certain recipient-related conditions are met. It is a useful feature to further personalize your newsletters.

To configure Section Visibility

1. Navigate to the desired Section and click the Dynamic tab.

2. Swich the Show section toggle to Custom and add the conditions required to show the section.

The available conditions that you can choose from are based on your recipient source properties. For example, if you are using Active Directory group with attributes such as Job Title, Department, City etc., you will be able to configure Section Visibility based on these attributes.


Let's say we want to send a newsletter, containing two sections, to the Sales team, the Marketing team and several managers across the company. In addition, we want the Sales team and the Marketing team to only see Section 1, and the managers to only see Section 2. 

1. One way to do this is to create the "Organization department" column in the recipient list and then assign "Sales" and "Marketing" values to the related employees. We will also need the "Organization department" column with the "manager" value assigned to managers.

2. Once the list is configured, we can open Section Visibility conditions for Section 1 and set them as follows:

Organization department || contains || value || Sales


Organization department || contains || value || Marketing


Organization title || is not equal to || value || manager2. In a similar manner, we add conditions to Section 2:

Organization title || contains || value || manager


Organization department || is not equal to || value || Sales


Organization department || is not equal to || value || Marketing

As a result, Section 1 will be sent and visible to the Sales and Marketing teams, but not to managers across the company, and Section 2 will be visible to managers across the company, but not to the Sales or Marketing teams.

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