Linked Lists feature

The Linked Lists feature connects two SharePoint lists so that JungleMail can retrieve additional metadata from the linked list. You can use this feature to quickly filter recipients for your next newsletter.

About Linked Lists

To use the Linked Lists feature, you will need:

  • A primary list: a recipient list which contains a column with certain values for each recipient (for example, department, company, country, status, etc.)
  • A secondary list: another list which contains more information for each of those values.

After you have configured linking, you can launch JungleMail from the primary list, and the tool will automatically filter recipients from the secondary list according to the values selected in the primary list.


In this example, we will use Linked Lists to quickly filter recipients by the department. The primary list, Departments, only contains the names of departments and some other data (e.g., department description).

The secondary list, Employees, contains employee data, including departments, job titles, names and email addresses.

Both lists can be managed separately. Neither of them needs to have lookup columns. To use both of them at the same time, you will have to link them in JungleMail Linked Lists. 

Create a linked list

1. In your main site collection (the one where JungleMail Core feature is activated), click on the gear icon and select Site contents.

2. Select JungleMail Linked Lists. In the list, select new item.

3. In the following page, fill in the field values:

  • Title: a title of your choice.
  • Master List URL: the URL of the primary list. In this example, it is the Departments list.
  • Master Field Name: the name of the column which holds the required metadata for filtering. In this example, it is the name of the department.
  • Recipient List URL: the URL of the secondary list. In the example, it is the Employees list.
  • Recipient Field Name: secondary list's column with metadata matching that of the master list's specified column (i.e., Master Field Name). In the example, it is Job Title.

URL’s can have the following formats:

  • Absolute URLs: http://portal/sites/SiteCollection/Site/Lists/Departments
  • Site-collection-relative URLs: Site/Lists/Departments
  • Server-relative URLs: /sites/SiteCollection/Site/Lists/Departments

Select a linked list in JungleMail

1. Open JungleMail from a primary list or browse to this list in the Recipients step.

2. Select a linked list in the Linked List drop-down menu, then check if the Recipients column points to the secondary list's column with recipient email addresses.

In the example, JungleMail will resolve all the recipients from the linked list. However, if you select a specific department (item) in the primary list, JungleMail will filter recipients by that department.

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