Template management

JungleMail gives you the option to work with many different templates. You can create your own, or you use the ones that are included when you download the application. In this tutorial, you will learn how to do this.

Add template title and subject

1. Open JungleMail and select the Create Newsletter tab (it should be activated by default).2. Select the Template tab at the bottom of the window.

3. Hover over the template you want to modify and click the Edit button which will have appeared in the top right corner:4. Insert the template title and email subject and click Save.Note: you can change the email subject later in the Content step.

Save template or draft

At any step of your campaign building, you can save your template separately or together with the campaign settings.

Save as Template

This option saves the current template along with its title and subject. If you have saved your work as a template you can later find it in the Templates tab. New templates will be marked with a New sign in the corner.

Save as Draft

This option saves the current template along with the entire campaign settings (recipients, email subject etc). Drafts can be found in the History & Monitoring tab under the Drafts section.

Learn more

  • Importing and exporting templates
  • Template Lock: using this feature, farm administrators, site collection administrators and template administrators can disable making changes to the template layout, style, and (or) content for JungleMail end users.
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