Newsletter approval (Enterprise feature)

Sometimes you want to be able to approve of a newsletter campaign before it is sent. JungleMail offers a way to do this. Once activated, it enables the relevant people in your organization to go over a new campaign to ensure it is error free. Someone could, for example,  check if all recipients, content and the scheduled time are set correctly.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to enable and configure the Newsletter campaign approval process. If you have already configured this process and just want to learn how to use the Newsletter approval process, scroll down.

Note: this feature is only available in JungleMail Enterprise Edition.

Configuring Newsletter approval

1. To begin you will need to create a SharePoint Approval workflow. To do this, navigate to the JungleMail Jobs list (on your root site) and click Add a Workflow on the ribbon:

2. Choose the built-in SharePoint Approval Workflow template and give it a name. Make sure that Allow this workflow to be manually started is checked.

3. Click Next and configure the workflow settings. Here you will need to assign the users who will approve new campaigns, the duration given for tasks and any other settings you want to add. It is essential here to enable Content  Approval so that the approval status will be automatically updated once the workflow  is completed :

4. After you have saved your workflow, you can enable the Campaign Approval option in the JungleMail Site Collection Settings. Here you will also choose the workflow you have just created.

How to use Newsletter approval

Now that you have finished configuring Newsletter approval, you can start working with it. In the following part of the tutorial,  you will learn how this process works in the JungleMail UI.

Once Newsletter approval has been enabled, an author can go through all of the campaign steps he would normally go through. The only difference is that he will not be able to send the campaign. Instead of this, the user will get the option to 'Submit for Approval':

Once this button is clicked, it will start the approval workflow on this job item (campaign). The person you appointed earlier to approve the campaign will receive the task to review this campaign. All according to your workflow settings.

In JungleMail you will be able to find newly created campaigns in the History & Monitoring tab under Pending Approval Jobs. The person who will need to review, edit and approve the campaign job can do so straight from the JungleMail user interface (UI).

Review a campaign

To review a campaign, the Campaign name (title) should be selected:

Edit a campaign

To edit a campaign, the Edit button under the header Manage Campaign should be selected:

View  campaign-related  information

To view Workflow information, tasks, and  history, a user should click on the Newsletter approval status link ('In Progress'):

Approving a campaign

To Approve or Reject this campaign the Workflow task should be opened:

After approval

Once it has been approved, the newsletter campaign moves to the Running & Scheduled Campaigns and will  be sent  out by JungleMail Timer Job at the specified time: 

After rejection

If the campaign is rejected, you will be able to find it again in the History & Drafts tab, filed under Rejected:

Reusing a rejected campaign

You can decide to reuse this campaign later. Use the icons below to Load content, Load recipients or Edit a whole campaign. These icons will appear when you hover your cursor over the campaign row:

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