Terms of Service Agreements (Enterprise feature)

Add custom terms of service agreements that users have to accept before they can use JungleMail.

  • This feature is exclusive to JungleMail Enterprise.
  • To configure this feature, you need access to SharePoint Central Administration.


1. Go to JungleMail global settings.

2. In the Compliance and Data Retention section, click Configure Database...

3. In the window that opens, check the Enable SQL Database Storage box, then check the Create new database box. JungleMail will fill in the Database server field with the current SQL server name of your SharePoint. You can change the server name. JungleMail will also fill in the Database name field with the default value JungleMail_ServerName. You can change the default name to one that fits in with your general administration.

4. Click Save to save your configuration.

5. In the same section, click Manage User Agreements.

6. Click New Agreement.

7. Fill in the required fields, then click Save to save an agreement draft. Note that you can also specify the validity duration of user's acceptance. When this period expires, the user will have to reaccept the active agreement.

8. Under Draft Agreements, click Publish.


If you're creating your first agreement draft, the Valid from date must be the current or earlier date. Otherwise, the feature cannot be enabled.

9. Check the Enable the feature and ask users for Terms of Service acceptance box, then click Save.

  • Only one agreement at a time can have the Active status. If you publish several agreements with the same Valid from date, the agreement that was published the latest will become active, and the earlier one will expire automatically.
  • If you void an agreement, the latest expired agreement on the list (if there is any) will become active automatically.
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