Adding sending conditions

Sending conditions allow you to determine when JungleMail should send your newsletter. If these conditions are not met (e.g., if there is no recent news in your SharePoint news list), the emails will not be sent. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use this feature.

How to use sending conditions


Sending conditions, Dynamic Content, and formulas only work if there's at least one recipient specified in the Recipients step.

When creating a newsletter in JungleMail, you can use Dynamic Content to make this newsletter recurrent and automatic. In this example, we'll set the newsletter to be sent every week, to be populated with content from SharePoint, and to be sent only if this content is less than a week old.

1. Select a Dynamic Block or Dynamic Section, go to the Dynamic tab and click Add condition.

2. Add a condition itself. In our example, it looks like this:

Note that in the Value field, a formula was used. You can read more about using JungleMail formulas here.

3. Turn on the Sending conditions toggle. Note that the Is empty radio button is checked by default. This option tells JungleMail to skip sending if processing Dynamic Section or Block returns no results (i.e., no new content in SharePoint).

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