Deleting a newsletter

In this JungleMail tutorial, you will learn how to delete a newsletter from the tool's history.

About newsletter removal

Deleting a newsletter in JungleMail is done by removing a corresponding item from the JungleMail Jobs list. This procedure also removes all the dependant folders and items in the following lists:

  • JungleMail History list
  • JungleMail Tracker Links list
  • JungleMail Tracker Actions list

We strongly recommend against deleting newsletters in the production environment, especially if emails and links have tracking enabled.

To delete a newsletter, you must have sufficient SharePoint permissions. Specifically, Delete permissions in the JungleMail Jobs list and the aforementioned lists are required.

Delete a newsletter

1. On the site collection's home site, go to the JungleMail Jobs list.

2. Select the job(s) you want to delete, select the Items tab on the ribbon and click Delete Newsletter.

3. Click Delete to confirm the action.

A deleted job is moved to SharePoint Recycle Bin along with dependant folders and items. Note that any links in the related newsletter template will cease to work, too. If you need to restore the deleted job, do not forget to also restore all the related folders and items.

Note: instead of deleting an entire job with dependencies, you can opt to click Delete Item on the same tab. This command only removes the selected item (and the corresponding newsletter from JungleMail UI) but leaves the dependant folders and items in other SharePoint lists intact.

Delete a newsletter draft

Newsletter drafts are stored in the same JungleMail Jobs list. You may delete them as items from there. To delete a draft in JungleMail, follow these steps:

1. Go to the History & Monitoring tab and select Drafts.

2. Hover over the draft you want to delete and click on the recycle bin icon.

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