Peak Hours Management (Enterprise feature)

Peak Hours Management halts the processing of JungleMail newsletters during the specified time slots and automatically reschedules processing to the nearest non-peak time. You can also specify the minimum number of recipients required for the feature to be activated.


Peak Hours Management can be configured in JungleMail global settings or JungleMail site collection settings if it is enabled.

Global settings

1. Go to Central Administration > JungleMail Global Settings.

2. In the Sending Settings section, check theEnable Peak Hours Management box.

Site collection settings

1. Go to Site Settings > EnovaPoint JungleMail Settings.

2. In the Sending Settings section, check the Enable Peak Hours Management box.

Additionally, you can set the feature to activate only if the minimum number of recipients is reached. If the number of recipients is lower, newsletters will be processed and sent immediately. If the recipient amount is set to 0, all newsletters will be paused.


In the example below, newsletter processing is halted from 8 AM to 11 AM every day except the weekend, and only for newsletters having more than 100 recipients.


  • If the newsletter has been submitted (at a non-peak time) and the processing has started, it will continue even if it cuts into specified peak time.
  • If a newsletter is submitted during a peak time or is scheduled for a peak time, a user is notified immediately in JungleMail interface, with the option to cancel sending or to accept the rescheduled time.
  • If a user schedules a newsletter for a non-peak time that is later changed into peak time by an admin, the processing is automatically rescheduled.
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