Cumulative Reports (Enterprise feature)

Cumulative Reports brings analytics reports from multiple site collections where JungleMail is used, and displays all of those reports in one place. Furthermore, each report is highly customizable so that you can make sure that it looks exactly the way you want.

Note: this feature is only available in JungleMail Enterprise.


Cumulative Reports can only import data from site collections that have EnovaPoint JungleMail Core installed and SQL Mode activated. We recommend hosting the JungleMail Cumulative Reports functionality in a separate site collection, dedicated to this purpose, without enabling any other JungleMail features or services there. 

Note: users can view Cumulative Reports only if they have permissions for the site collection in question.

To configure Cumulative Reports:

1. Create a new site collection. You can use the Team site template for this. In our example, this site collection is created under /sites/path (e.g., http://sp2013/sites/jmreports). You do not have to activate any JungleMail-related features on it.

2. Open  Central Administration, go to JungleMail Global Settings and enable Cumulative Reports by selecting the checkbox. 

3. Under JungleMail Data site collections, enter the URL addresses of site collections that you want to include in the report.

4. Under Host JungleMail Cumulative Reports on, enter the URL address of the site collection you created in step 1.

5. Click  Show direct access link to get a direct link for the Cumulative Reports page. This page will show aggregated data from site collections specified in the JungleMail Data site collections list.

The processing information (e.g., job duration, start/end time etc.) for  Cumulative Reports can be found in the Processing Reports tab.

Exporting report data into Word

You can use JungleMail to generate a Word report out of a selected job. The default template used for the report is fully customizable. To learn more, see Word reports (Enterprise feature).

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