Dynamic Attachments

When the Dynamic Attachments feature is enabled, JungleMail will use the provided search terms and conditions to select documents that are relevant to your recipients and include those documents into your newsletter. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use this feature.

To activate the feature

1. Open JungleMail, select the gear icon on the top right corner, then select Settings.

2. Scroll down to the Interface and functionality control section, check the Enable Dynamic Attachments box, and save the settings.

How to use Dynamic Attachments

In this tutorial, we will add invoices as dynamic attachments in a newsletter to our customers. Once this is set up, each customer will receive the invoice specific to them by sending the newsletter once.

1. To use Dynamic Attachments, open JungleMail from the ribbon and create a newsletter. For this feature to work, you will need to select a SharePoint List as your recipient source.

2. On the Recipients step, select dynamic attachments.

3. Click Browse and select the list you want your attachments to be taken from. In the example, we have selected the list containing the invoice we wanted to send to customers.

4. Now you will need to set the conditions for Dynamic Attachments. In this example, we have chosen to set the condition for the Customer column to be equal to the Company column. In other words, the recipient will only receive the attachment which is related to their company.

Make sure that your condition is specific enough and you won't end up sending more attachments then you intended to. In this example we have included the month February, making sure that only invoices from February will be sent.

5. You have the option to select the Do not send email if no results were returned box if you do not want to send to an email to the recipient in your campaign that does not contain an attachment. In the example, if a customer doesn't have an invoice this month, he won't receive an email.

6. You can limit the number of attachments included with each individual email in your campaign. You could for example state that you want no more than 2 attachments send to each recipient. If you enter 0, it will send all the attachments available for a recipient according to the conditions set by you.

7. Once you have set all the conditions, simply select Insert. Now continue with creating your newsletter the way you would normally do. If you want to review Dynamic Attachments configuration, go to the Review tab and see what attachments are included for which recipients.

Tips for security and performance

Dynamic Attachments are turned off by default and should be used with care. If a particular user has many documents, using this feature can put a load on SharePoint.

  • Avoid sending large files.
  • Attachments decrease the speed of sending your newsletters.
  • Attachments decrease deliverability.
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