Archiving newsletters

Use the Newsletter Archive feature to automatically save your email content in a SharePoint list or library.

About Newsletter Archive

With the Newsletter Archive feature enabled and configured, JungleMail will automatically create populate an item or a document in SharePoint, converting properties such as newsletter subject, author or the From address into SharePoint column values.

The newsletter content is also saved with formatting intact. Click on the email title to see the content.

Supported SharePoint list types, library types, and locations:

  • Custom List
  • Wiki Page Library
  • list created by JungleMail
  • Site Pages library
  • publishing page library

Please note that the Document Library type is not supported.

To configure Newsletter Archive

1. On the site where JungleMail is operating, go to Settings > Site Settings > EnovaPoint JungleMail Settings.

2. Under the Newsletter Archive section, check the Enable newsletter archive box.

3. Specify the SharePoint location where you want newsletters to be saved.

3.1. To specify an existing location, click Browse and navigate to the location. Click Add JungleMail columns to list (optional) if you want JungleMail to create newsletter-related columns in the location.

3.2. To create a new SharePoint list for the archive, simply enter the list name under Newsletter archive list URL and click Add JungleMail columns to list (optional).

4. Check the Allow users to set "Save newsletter to archive" option in newslettter builder box. This option displays the feature checkbox in the Settings/Send step of the newsletter.

4. Specify JungleMail behaviour in case of an error while saving a newsletter to the archive. Pick one of the options from the dropdown.

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