Interface and functionality settings

In JungleMail, it is easy for administrators to take control of the features and the interface available to users. In this tutorial, you will learn which features you can enable in the Interface and functionality control menu and how this can help improve your user experience.

The features described in the tutorial:

  1. Custom Back To Site URL
  2. Newsletter Source
  3. Dynamic Attachments
  4. Recurrent Newsletter Settings
  5. Email Importance Settings
  6. Start from Scratch

To access the settings

Open JungleMail and select  Settings on the top right corner. Then, scroll down to the Interface and functionality control section.

1. Custom Back To Site URL

When you have the JungleMail UI opened you can easily return your SharePoint site by selecting Back To Site from the top left corner of your screen. Clicking this link will usually return you to your SharePoint's homepage.However, it is possible you would like to give a custom site page you would like to return to when using JungleMail. This could, for example, be a News Pages Library, or a list of contacts. By selecting one of these as a Back To Site URL you can quickly make changes when needed, without having to manually navigate to the page you require. In the Interface and functionality control settings simply enter a custom address.

2. Newsletter Source

It is possible that as an administrator you want to limit the sources your users can send newsletters to. Supported sources:

  • SharePoint and AD groups, Distribution Lists
  • JungleMail Subscribers List
  • Custom SharePoint lists
  • Email addresses
  • Follow-up newsletter (for sending to recipient groups based on activity in a previous newsletter)

Simply check the boxes next to those lists if you want to enable in the JungleMail user interface.

3. Dynamic Attachments

JungleMail can automatically gather attachments for individual users when you turn on the Dynamic Attachments feature. When this feature is on and inserted into a new campaign, JungleMail with use the search terms and conditions entered by you to select documents that are of individual use to your recipients and attach them to the emails in your campaign, making sure each recipient only receives the documents which are of use to him/her.

Also, read our detailed tutorial for sending Dynamic Attachments here.


This feature is turned off by default and should be used with care. If a particular user has a large number of documents, using this feature can put a load on SharePoint.

4. Recurrent Campaign Settings

It is likely that as an administrator you don't want all of your users to have the same set of permissions when it comes to creating recurrent campaigns. A quick reminder: recurrent campaigns are campaigns which are created once and then scheduled to be sent out at set times (every day, week, month). Choose if you want all users to be able to create recurrent campaigns, only Site Collection Administrators, or nobody if you do not want recurrent campaigns to be created at all, and select the corresponding.

5. Email Importance Settings

Most email clients show the importance status for received messages. If you want users who create campaigns to be able to adjust the email importance settings for their campaigns you should enable this feature.

6. Start from Scratch

This feature enables the Start from Scratch button in JungleMail UI that allows creating a newsletter from the ground up (without selecting a template).

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