JungleMail API

It is possible to integrate JungleMail into your custom solutions. In this tutorial, you will learn how to do this.

Integrate JungleMail into your custom solutions

If you need a way to send internal newsletters from your own solution, or straight from a SharePoint workflow,  you will need to add a SharePoint list item to the JungleMail Jobs list and set appropriate column values. Once finished, JungleMail Timer Job will pick your campaign item and start processing it.

To run JungleMail using your custom solution:

1. Using the JungleMail interface, create a campaign similar to the one you would like to create without JungleMail interface. Save it as a draft (but do not send it).

2. Find your campaign item in the JungleMail Jobs list. Review item column values using PowerShell, Visual Studio or another third-party tool such as SPListItemEditor

3. Create a custom solution or a workflow that copies your draft campaign item or creates a new one in the JungleMail Jobs list and set the needed column values according to this document. Besides copying all column values from a draft campaign, you need to generate and set new Job Unique ID column value; set Scheduled column to Yes; and Status to Queued to submit a campaign for processing.

After you do this, your newly created Jobs will be executed within one minute, unless you are not using the default timer job settings.

Read our full guide:

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