Item Picker

Item Picker is a useful feature in JungleMail, allowing you to quickly select SharePoint items and populate your newsletter with item data. Just like Dynamic Content, this feature can be used in a block only or in an entire content section.


In the example below, we will use Item Picker for a section.

1. Select the section that you want to try Item Picker on.

2. In the section properties window on the right, select the Dynamic tab and switch the Enable SharePoint content toggle to On.

3. Switch the Select content extraction method toggle to Item Picker and click Add more.

4. In the pop-up window, browse to the SharePoint list or library with the content that you to include in your newsletter. Once you have selected the page, pick the items that you want to include and click the Pick up button. To add more items from a different site, repeat step 3.

5. Once you picked all the items you need, it is time to design the layout and specify the picked item data that will be used in the newsletter. Simply drag and drop the desired blocks to form the section layout. In the example, we are using a 2-column layout with an image block for the picture, a subtitle block to hold our title of the news post, and a text block to display the news content.

6. Now we need to configure each block so that it is connected to the corresponding SharePoint list or library column for automated content generation. To do this, click on the block you inserted and then, in the right panel, select the { Columns } button.

For the image block, we link to the Rollup Image column and click Insert.

The configuration result:

Next, you want to configure the subtitle block to display the article title. Select the subtitle block, go to the Content tab, delete the default text in the Subtitle field, and click the { Columns } button.

We want our subtitle block to hold our article title, and the corresponding column in the Pages library is Title, so we select it and click Insert.

Finally, configure a text block to hold our actual text content of the article. Select the text block, go to the Content tab, delete the default text in the text editor, and click { Columns & Links }.

Then, browse and select the column you need to include as text content in your newsletter and click Insert. In our case, it is the Comments column.

This is how the section looks after the configuration:

7. To preview the content itself, go to the Preview tab of the newsletter.

If you want to edit the content in the email builder itself, click the round-arrows icon (Process Dynamic Section). Please note, however, that, after processing, Dynamic Content becomes static. It means that you can edit this content as you like, but the Item Picker configuration is severed. If you save this template with the intention to use it later, keep in mind that it will not reflect any changes that may have occurred in the SharePoint items.

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