Using multiple Dynamic Content sources

In JungleMail, you will be able to use multiple Dynamic Content sources in a Section. This functionality allows you to precisely adjust the information that you want to automatically populate your emails with. In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure Dynamic Section to load content from different sources.

There are three sources you can use for Dynamic Content:

  • Dynamic Section list
  • Dynamic Block list
  • Recipient list

After you create a Dynamic Section, you can drag and drop content Blocks you want to use into that Section. In the example below, we have chosen an Image Block, a Title Block, and a Text Block. 

There are two ways to specify the list you want to use for Dynamic Content:

  • using the {Columns & Links} button
  • manually entering the source-specifying formula in Dynamic Block placeholder field

Selecting a block and clicking the {Columns & Links} button on the right opens the pop-up with all available SharePoint list columns that you can use as content sources:Instead of using the pop-up, you can insert the formula in Dynamic Block settings manually. Formulas inside a Dynamic Block always comes with letters S or B, for example:

  • {S:[Title]} - retrieves Title column from Dynamic Section list
  • {B:[Title]} - retrieves Title column from Dynamic Block list
  • {[Title]} - retrieves information from Recipients list. Note that you don't need to use any additional letters

In the example below, we want to retrieve the Title column value from the Dynamic Section list.If you want to use a separate SharePoint list inside the Dynamic Section, you will have to create a Dynamic Block inside this Dynamic Section. You do this by selecting the Block you want to use and then enabling SharePoint content in the properties window on the right. Here you can select a different SharePoint list than the one before. If you now want this Dynamic Block to load titles from the Dynamic Block List you've just selected, use the formula{B:[Title]}.

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