Can I use JungleMail for alerts, notifications?

Yes, you can use JungleMail as an alerts tool. In this tutorial,  we will show you how to do this.

JungleMail can, for example, be used to notify users about overdue tasks and approaching meetings and deadlines.

1. To do this you will have to create a view that contains daily recipients in any list. Following this,  you will have to start a recurrent job that sends emails to the recipients in that view.

2. Select the recipients you want to alert. Now configure the dynamic section or block in the JungleMail builder.

3. In this example, we have selected the Calendar List for dynamic content. We have configured it with the following conditions. Once this is set up each user will receive content that is unique and related to him or her.

In the image below you can see that these conditions were used: 
If Calendar List Column "Attendees" is equal to Recipients List Column "Full Name" 
AND "Start Time" is less than or equal Today+N.4. Make sure to turn on Sending conditions and  to check the "Do not send  e-mail if no result were returned" checkbox. This will prevent the sending of empty emails. 

5. Now that you have set up the recurrent campaign, JungleMail's timer job will search user related items in the Calendar List and send a recurrent email to the listed recipients.

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