JungleMail 4 | Creating subscription topics and topic groups

Note: this tutorial applies to JungleMail 4 and earlier only. If you are working with JungleMail 5 or later, this tutorial does not apply to your version of JungleMail.

1. Navigate to any list or library and click Group E-mail dropdown menu in the ribbon, and open Topics management.

2. To add a new topic, click Add a topic.

You can also access topics management from JungleMail interface anytime, by clicking Subscription topics tab.

If you enable Show subtopics, you will be able to see and create subtopics under the parent topic.

To create a topic, enter the name of the topic group and click Save.

New topic:

To add additional topics, click add a topic again.

You can also edit or delete topics.

3. You can now open your subscriptions page and all of the topics should be available in the Web Part. If they are not, you might need to update Web Part appearance. To do that, edit the web part and click Update Look and Feel for the changes to take immediate effect.

4. Please note that the Enable subscription on topics of interest checkbox should be enabled in JungleMail Site Collection Settings if you want to display subscription topics on the subscription page.

5. The appearance of your subscriptions web part can be edited in JungleMail Site Collection Settings to match your requirements.

Note: after you edit Web Part appearance, you must go to the page where the Web Part is, edit the page, edit the Web Part and click Update Look and Feel for the changes to take immediate effect. If you do not do that, the Web Part will retain previously cached appearance.

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