Custom "From" and "Reply-to" addresses

JungleMail offers several options to specify the From and Reply-To addresses for your sent campaigns. By default, the outgoing email settings for the Web Application are used. However, you can also manually select the From and Reply-To addresses that your campaign recipients will get to see. In this tutorial, you will learn how to do this.

Change the From and Reply-To addresses in Settings

Browse to your Central Administrations Settings or Site Collections Settings. Now locate the  Email From and Reply-to section. If you want the email address of the user who created the campaign to show as the From and Reply-to address, then select  JungleMail job author. You also have the option to enter an email address manually.

Let users pick from preselected addresses

It is possible that you want the people that create your campaigns to be able to pick from a preselected group of From and Reply-To addresses. For users to add the addresses given by you, you have to make sure they have the right permissions. Users will need a minimum View level of permissions on the lists   JungleMail From Addresses and JungleMail Reply-to Addresses to be able to use the From and Reply-To addresses supplied by you.

Below the image you can read how to choose which From and Reply-To addresses your users can select

1. To add a new From address to JungleMail, open the top level of your Site Collection in which JungleMail is activated. Now, in Site Contents, locate the JungleMail From Addresses list and open the list. Once you have opened it, select Add new item:

2. You will notice that list only has a 'Title' column so you have to enter addresses in the following format:

"Full Name" <E-mail Address>

3. Now you will be able to select your newly added email address in the Recipients step:

Note: if the From or Reply-To fields are not visible in the JungleMail User Interface (under the Recipients tab), then make sure that in the JungleMail Site Collection Settings the box Allow  user to select From (Reply-To) field address has been checked.

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