What should I consider when migrating to SharePoint 2013?​

Here are some tips for migration to SharePoint 2013:

  • JungleMail for SP2013 should be deployed to SP2013 farm before migrating.
  • Please use the same versions of JungleMail for SP2010 and SP2013. It is better to upgrade JungleMail to the latest versions before exporting the database. You always can download the latest JungleMail version from our website.
  • JungleMail solution should be deployed to specific Web Applications. Please check in Central Administration > System Settings > Manage farm solutions > enova.sp.junglemail.wsp.
  • Command “Test-SPContentDatabase“ should return no errors related to JungleMail 2010, and you should be able to migrate to SharePoint 2013 successfully. After the migration to SharePoint 2013, go to Central Administration>System Settings>Manage Farm Solutions, open enova .sp.junglemail.wsp and deploy it to the migrated Web Application. And “Test-SPContentDatabase“ should return no errors related to JungleMail for SP 2013.
  • You should be also a site collection administrator while upgrading JungleMail on-site collections where JungleMail is used (farm administrator is not enough).
  • JungleMail will not work on SP2013 with SP2010 UI, so upgrade to SP2013 User Interface.
  • Do not forget to check Outgoing email settings on SP2013 farm.
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