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In JungleMail, we have included the use of an alternate Dynamic Content layout. This option will help you give your automated newsletters an extra slick and unique look and feel. Setting up an alternate Dynamic Content layout is easy. You will learn how to do it yourself in this brief tutorial. 

1. To start creating alternate Dynamic Content layout, open a new template, or select from the built-in ones. Here I've selected our  New JungleMail 5 template. 

2. Now add a new Section from the menu on the right, simply by dragging it into place in your template. To set up alternate Dynamic Content layout, you should select one of the two Sections that is unevenly parted into two columns.

3. Now that you have added the Section, move to the menu on the right and switch the Dynamic Section switch to ON.

4. You will now see a pop-up window. Here you can select the SharePoint List in which the content you want to include in your newsletter is located. Once you have selected the desired list, click OK. In our example, we have chosen for the News Pages library.

5. Now move back to the menu on the right, and in Section Settings select Alternate.

Note: this is normally set to Per Row, so you will have to adjust this setting manually:

6. Now you will need to drag the Blocks you want to be repeated into the Section. In this example I want the news articles, together with it's leading picture, to show.

First I will drag in the Block for subtitle text on the right of the Column. Then I delete the sample text on the right menu and click {Column}. Here I will be able to select the table content I want to be repeated. I select Title.

7.  Also, I want to add some article text under the Title, so I put Text Block to the right Section column as well. In the text area, I choose the Page Content column, where the article content is located. But wait. You know that this column contains the whole article's text, but we need just about 150 symbols. So we can modify our formula using LimitText() function. This function will crop the text to approximate the characters length without a word cut-off.
Our formula now looks like this:  {LimitText(S:[Page Content]; 150)}
8. Now I will do the same for the left side of the Section by dragging in an image Block, and after pressing the {Column} button, I select the Page Image column to be repeated.   

9. You can now choose to review the result by clicking forward to the Preview tab, and then saving the template for future use. Or you can immediately load the Repeaters by clicking the little icon with the arrows going around 
Note: the latter option will make the content static.
Your end result will look something like this:

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