Opening the app

Once you have installed JungleMail, you can open the app and start working on your first campaign. In this tutorial, you will learn about the different ways to open JungleMail and where you can find each one of them.

Option 1: open JungleMail from a SharePoint list

This way is most useful when you have a specific recipient list that you want to send a newsletter to.

1. Navigate to the list which includes the recipients you want to email. Select specific recipients or, if you want to send to the whole list, move on to the next step.

2. On the Items tab, select JungleMail. The app will automatically include all or selected recipients into your newsletter. 

Option 2: open JungleMail from a link

We recommend to create a shortcut for JungleMail in the SharePoint page that you often use for other business operations. 

To create a shortcut:

1. Open JungleMail (see Option 1).

2. Copy the URL. If you want to open JungleMail without any recipients loaded, copy the link up to the ".aspx", like this:

3. Go to the SharePoint page that you want to launch JungleMail from, and click Settings > Edit page.

4. Place the cursor where you want the shortcut to be created. Then, on the Insert tab, click, Link > From Address. Enter the shortcut name and URL address and save the changes.

Option 3: open JungleMail from the JungleMail Jobs list

1. Navigate to the list view in which your JungleMail jobs are stored.

2. Click any of your previously created campaigns. It will open JungleMail together with recipients, content, and settings of the selected newsletter.

To find out more about creating and sending campaigns, click here to move on to our next tutorial.

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