Analytics Pseudonymizer (Pro/Enterprise feature)

Analytics Pseudonymizer is a great feature to protect the personal data of your recipients. In this tutorial, you will see how the feature works and how to configure it properly.


This feature is only available in the Pro/Enterprise editions of JungleMail.

About the feature

Analytics Pseudonymizer replaces recipient email addresses with pseudonyms and prevents storing any other data that could be used to identify recipients. This feature was originally built for clients using JungleMail in accordance with German laws that put extra emphasis on data protection.

Analytics without pseudonymization:

Analytics with pseudonymization enabled:


Analytics Pseudonymizer is primarily configured in JungleMail global settings, with the option to allow making changes at the site collection level.

Global settings

1. Navigate to Central Administration > EnovaPoint JungleMail > JungleMail global settings.

2. In the Tracking section, check Enable tracker data pseudonymization.

3. Optionally, check Allow overriding this setting in Site Collection settings.

Site collection settings

1. Navigate to Settings > Site settings.

2. Under Site Collection Administration, select EnovaPoint JungleMail Settings.

3. In the Newsletter Analytics section, check Override Central Administration settings, then check Enable tracker data pseudonymization.

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