Recipients not resolving from Active Directory

If you are selecting People or Groups from Active Directory and JungleMail is unable to resolve them and you are getting an error "The specified directory service attribute or value does not exist.", you did not set the necessary permissions on the default users container in Active Directory.First, you should check which users are used in SharePoint for IIS Application Pools and SharePoint Timer Service.Connect to the SharePoint server, open IIS Manager, navigate to Application Pools, find your Application Pools for SharePoint sites and write down the Identity user.Open Services on SharePoint server, find SharePoint Timer Service and write down the Log On As user.Then you should find out what is “default users container” on your Active Directory controller. user (or users).

Connect to your Active Directory controller server, open Active Directory PowerShell console and type the command:

Get-ADDomain | select UsersContainer

Write down your default users container.

Now you need to provide Read permissions for IIS Application Pool Identity user and SharePoint Timer Log On user to your default users container. Open Active Directory Users and Computers console, browse to your default users container, right click on it, select Properties, open Security tab and configure Read access for mentioned users.

This should solve your “The specified directory service attribute or value does not exist.” issue. JungleMail should be able to resolve AD groups and users now.

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