How can my subscribers change their newsletter frequency?

If you want your subscribers to be able to choose the frequency at which they will receive emails, take the following steps:

1. Create an additional choice field (for example "Email frequency" with the options: Everyday, Once a week, Once a month) in JungleMail Subscribers list (you will find this list on the root site of the site collection in which JungleMail is enabled).

2. Configure the Subscription Web Part so that it shows this field. Please check this guide to learn how to do this.

3. Now you will need to create separate views in the JungleMail Subscribers list. These views will filter your subscribers according to selected values. In the example below, the Everyday view is selected.

4. Create a JungleMail job and filter the recipients (subscribers) by the view you just created.

5. In the Settings/Send tab,  you can configure the daily recurrence of this job.

6. In the same way, you can create JungleMail jobs for other views (to send once a week and once a month).

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