JungleMail 4 | Using mail merge

Note: this tutorial applies to JungleMail 4 and earlier only. If you are working with JungleMail 5 or later, this tutorial does not apply to your version of JungleMail.

In JungleMail it is possible to use mail merge from SharePoint list, BCS lists, SharePoint Users and Groups or Active Directory Users and Distribution Groups data as a source.

Mail merge columns you could use in emails depends on what type of recipients you had selected in the Recipients step:

Mail merge in e mail body

Mail merge allows to automatically customize each email using data in the SharePoint. If you are running JungleMail in a list that has some other data than the email addresses, JungleMail can use that data to customize the emails. In order for that to work, we must map email content with columns from SharePoint. We can do that by inserting a column name inside {[Column Name]} brackets. This will then be replaced with values from SharePoint.

1. To use mail merge, start JungleMail and go to  content  tab:

2. Place the cursor where you want to add a new column and click Columns in the ribbon:

3. This will give you a list of all available columns in the current list to use. Select the one you need and click OK:

You can add as many columns as you need. You can only use columns that are in this list, that includes lookup columns.

Mail merge in e mail subject

It is possible to use information from list columns in the e-mail Subject as well. You can insert  column  to  body of  email  and then copy that value to  subject  line. Or just write a JungleMail formula in it. Please note that you should surround your formula with { }


Newsletter - {[Title]}

Note: {[Column display name]} or {[ColumnInternalName]} can be used.

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