Importing subscription topics

With JungleMail, it is easy to mass-import or update subscription topics for your recipients.

You can update the  Topics column in the JungeMail Subscribers list using the datasheet view.

In some cases, it is the easiest to use the text field when bulk importing such values, especially if you are importing contacts from other sources (e.g., Excel). For that, you can use the Topics Bulk Import column, where you can just paste topics, divided by a semicolon, for bulk import/changes. If this column is not present in the current list view, modify the view and select Topics Bulk Import column, before switching to the datasheet view.

After you stop editing in the datasheet view, the  Topics column will be automatically updated with the values you inserted in Topics Bulk Import column.

In the image above, you can see that the values from  Topics Bulk Import are moved to Topics column and updated in that column.

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